Toyota in Europe

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The iconic Prius is one of Toyota’s best-selling cars in Europe, where Toyota is not much of a factor in the automobile industry. The one foothold Toyota had in environmentally-conscious Europe, however, is suffering from a recall. Some 50,000 vehicles will be recalled–the Prius is part of a global recall by Toyota in order to modify the anti-lock brake system.

Toyota on Jan. 29 issued another much bigger recall in Europe for eight models that have a faulty accelerator, affecting up to 1.8 million cars, — but that action lagged one for the same issue in the United States by a week.

The Italian consumer group Codacons is alertly monitoring to Toyota’s response — and has a new tool that may help it respond if they find it is lacking. Since Jan. 1, Italians can join in class action suits for the first time, thanks to new legislation.

Toyota has a worldwide reputation to uphold and this isn’t going to help things at all. Even in Europe, where Toyota barely had a toe-hold, their reputation is going to suffer irreparable damage.